“Lets Get Critical”

“The important thing is never to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

Al Tompkins discusses skepticism and cynicism in the seventeenth chapter of Aim For The Heart.

Tompkins quotes Thomas Friedman of The New York Times when defining skepticism and cynicism: “Skepticism is about asking questions, being dubious, being wary, not being gullible. Cynicism is about already having the answers–or thinking you do–about a person or an event.”

The chapter’s message emphasizes a journalists’ need for skepticism; they should always continue to ask questions. Questions allow journalists to uncover the truth in a story and investigate the background of a situation. Questions are arguably the most important part to a journalistic investigation as they allow the uncovering of the widest breadth of information.

Tompkins’ chapter inspired me to push myself as a journalist and an investigator. I hope the lessons learned will enhance my tactics in journalistic strategy and help me be a more attentive and persistent journalist in the future.


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