Ethics Blog Questions Photo Retouching

Each week students in J202 analyze journalism ethics through posts our professor publishes on the “J202 Ethics Blog“.

The most recent post touched on the ethics of photo retouching. The article featured an online article about the retouching of pictures of Victoria’s Secret swimsuit models.

The article didn’t surprise me as much as I thought it might, but rather furthered my disgust with the media industry’s portrayal of women. Photoshop and photo editing are necessary in media and advertising but I believe the industry has taken things too far and I can’t help but wonder where they will try to go next. Photo editing particularly affects the portrayal of women which has been proven to affect the public perception of “pretty”, “sexy”, “beautiful” women.

I’ve studied the media’s representation of women in many different classes, both in college and in high school. The subject continues to fascinate me but at the same time disgusts me.

I believe our media industry needs to change its functions, particularly in their marketing of women. Until society’s adopts this change the views and opinions of women and body image will forever be tainted.

Read “The Unretouched Images Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Want You to See


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