“Eurozone slips back into recession” -LA Times 11/15/2012

The Los Angeles Times reported on November 15th that the Eurozone is in a recession for the first time in three years. The EU has faced tremendous financial turmoil in recent months and years with Greece and Spain, among others, filing for financial bailout from the larger market nations.

The article discusses recent protests and strikes breaking out all across Europe in reaction to a high percentage of unemployment and financial growth declines in countries such as Spain and Italy. Even countries that have experienced financial growth, such as Germany, Austria and Great Britain, are noticing a slowed increase rate in the most recent quarter.

As a student headed to Europe for a semester on a study abroad trip, the financial state of the European Union interests me greatly. I have followed the financial crisis in the EU through the bailout pleas from Greece, Spain and Ireland to the hardships and criticisms of the German governmental responses and the European Central Bank. The EU fascinates me and I am very interested to follow the progression of the subject.

Read “Eurozone slips back into recession


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