“Wisconsin sees near-record voter turnout” -WSJ 11/7/2012

The Wisconsin State Journal reported on November 7th, just one day after the memorable election day, that Wisconsin say a record high for voter turnout. Tuesday evening estimates said voter turnout was more than 70 percent, proving the presidential and state senate races were important to many of Wisconsin’s 4.4 million eligible voters.

This article was inspiring and heartwarming, as it instilled a sense of pride within me for the people of my state.

I voted in my first presidential election this year, a milestone I will definitely remember for the rest of my life. I view election day as another day to be thankful for the opportunities America has to offer. The fact that men and women fought, and continue to fight, for my freedom is humbling and I realize that without the actions of many people I would not be allowed to vote because I am a woman. As a 20-year-old woman, I consider myself very lucky to have the privilege and legal right to vote.

My journalism professor sent us an email before election day, urging us to voice our opinions through our social duty and privilege to vote: “Please remember the tremendous right and privilege you have as a citizen. Your vote matters. Cast it.” I couldn’t have said it better myself; thanks, Katy.

Read “Wisconsin sees near-record voter turnout

Voters at UW-Madison’s Memorial Union cast their ballots on election day. Photo courtesy of the Wisconsin State Journal.


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