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Ethics Blog Questions Photo Retouching

Each week students in J202 analyze journalism ethics through posts our professor publishes on the “J202 Ethics Blog“. The most recent post touched on the ethics of photo retouching. The article featured an online article about the retouching of pictures of Victoria’s Secret swimsuit models. The article didn’t surprise me as much as I thought … Continue reading

“Lets Get Critical”

“The important thing is never to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein Al Tompkins discusses skepticism and cynicism in the seventeenth chapter of Aim For The Heart. Tompkins quotes Thomas Friedman of The New York Times when defining skepticism and cynicism: “Skepticism is about asking questions, being dubious, being wary, not being gullible. Cynicism is about … Continue reading

“Why Pictures Are So Powerful”

The seventh chapter of Al Tompkins’ Aim for the Heart focuses on the visual storytelling method of journalism. Photography is one of my hobbies and photojournalism is a field which absolutely fascinates me. For this reason, the seventh chapter was one of my favorites in the book. Tompkins begins his chapter by discussing gestalt psychology, … Continue reading